Aging technology introduces roadblocks that can delay or even stop a business adapting to evolving market conditions. It restricts easy access to valuable data and cannot meet current or emerging technology needs to support an expanding and often distributed user base who need portals, mobile options, and integrations. Rewriting applications is one way to modernize a system, but it is expensive, time consuming, high risk, and key resource intensive. During the project timeframe, the ability to introduce new functionality to react to changing business requirements is limited.

Solentra’s application platform, Quantum, offers a core set of services which can leverage your existing architecture without a costly rewrite to provide modernized solutions that meet the needs of both users and IT. Our constantly evolving platform consists of a number of solutions that are in production today. We can expose any solution in a uniform manner through a single API/Interface making them appear as one consistent solution. This includes not only our own, but also in-house built and 3rd Party solutions. By providing this modern, consistent, and easy access to the previously locked-in data, we extend and integrate solutions to meet current and future requirements in a more cost effective, low risk, and time-efficient manner.

Solentra’s Platform includes solutions for Grain & Oilseed, Energy, Fertilizer and Agronomy, Feed, Seed, Retail, and Logistics.