Solentra is an agri-business services and software business that focuses on delivering solutions that meet the demands of our customers across the global agriculture sector. Our extensive product portfolio is a collection of what were originally separate software businesses that delivered solutions into a number of different geographies and industries across the agriculture value chain. We are constantly identifying and acquiring businesses, and investing in technologies, that can fill gaps or increase our market share in either target geographical regions or agri-subsectors.

As a business partner in the global agriculture sector Solentra is here to serve you globally with industry expertise, agri-specific solutions, highly-focused innovative teams, and risk assessment expertise. 

Industry Expertise

  • Exclusive focus on agri-business and agri-food sectors
  • Decades of combined industry knowledge
  • Strong financial backing through a leading provider of vertical market software and services, Constellation Software, Inc.

Ag Solutions

  • Access to Cultura’s extensive portfolio of 20+ products comprising key elements of global agri-business supply chain
  • On-going product life cycle planning for acquired IP
  • Constant product and business integrations to extend the portfolio
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Highly-Focused Innovative Teams

  • Small teams with industry expertise focused on specific customers’ needs
  • Deliver innovation on behalf of our customers
  • Ever-improving agile environment to adapt to changes in the industry for our customers

Risk Assessment Expertise

  • Due diligence and assessment on software vendors in the global Agri-business market
  • Product infrastructure, technical debt and technology lifecycle planning
  • Product modernization without rip and replace, new user interfaces
  • Product architecture risk evaluation and mitigation

Our team is focused on delivering innovative and agile strategies that help to modernize your agribusiness.  Devising a strategy that takes advantage of the latest technologies will enhance security, mitigate risk, and allow your business to meet changing demands, is a huge challenge.  Working in close partnership, Solentra helps to establish and secure the best strategies for individual customers which will enable their business to thrive in the digital age. 

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