Maintaining and increasing customer loyalty is on the minds of agri-business leaders. With the customer demographics changing, better technology tools are a necessity to keep up with the growers of today and of the future. For example, growers rely on technology from autonomous tractors in the field, to yield monitors on the combines.

We understand that agri-business leaders are looking for ways to share and exchange information with their growers, and have tools to help. Our solutions manage the following:

Types of data:

  • Invoices – Input cost
  • Accounts Receivable balance
  • Commodity Contracts – Projected Revenue
  • Commodity Storage Balances

Data exchange of:

  • Offers
  • Input Orders
  • Schedule Services
  • Sign Contracts
  • Make Payments

Using our own Application Platform, we can provide a solution unique to your business needs that will make sharing and exchanging information efficiently a reality for you and your customers. Data can easily be funneled from a mobile application to your back end and vice versa. This eliminates costly mistakes and delays that come from the paper and pencil days, keep you and your customer happy.