Business needs change, whether due to growth through acquisition, expanded line of businesses, or economic fluctuations causing change in the market. These factors make an impact on the company's line of business application landscape.

IT Directors may face problems with a line of business application landscape that looks like this:

  • Unstable in-house application with unsupported technology for a ~200 user business unit supported by a single resource
  • Business critical in-house transaction entry solution with unsupported technology used across multiple business areas without any skilled resources to support it

The traditional response to these challenges is a rewrite of the applications.  A rewrite is costly, high risk, and has a time period of unresponsiveness to the business, while still leaving the question of if the rewrite is delivering what the business needs. 

Is there another option?

By utilizing our Application Platform, Solentra is able to eliminate the need for a costly rip-and-replace of your current line of business software. We are able to reskin an out-of-date UI, enable a legacy application to move to more modern database technology, or create applications to face your customer that push data to your back end seamlessly. This method mitigates risk and avoids a period of business-halting downtime, while providing you with modernized database technology and limited disruption to front end users.