Why Would We Want to Be Standard?

“Standard” can have a couple of different meanings. On one hand, it can be run-of-the-mill, usual, common. Nothing special. On the other hand, standard can mean something that is so good, it’s used as a measure for…

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Your Customer’s Success is Worth its Weight in Grain

Customer success is an often-overlooked business objective. Most companies would say it is important, but have no plan in place to see it through. They create no metrics, no benchmarks, no best practices. They assume that if…

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Your Monthly oneWeigh Quick Tip: How To Use Highlight Ticket Grid Lines

Use this setting to help distinguish between tickets in your Active Ticket Window. With this option on every other line will display with a darker background.

Setting to turn on Highlight Ticket Grid Lines:

Example with…

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Your Monthly CINCH Quick Tip: Un-Posted Sales Amount Not Matching Un-Posted Sales Amount?

The Customer Payment Summary Inquiry, Un-posted Sales does not include the Cinch Orders, Invoices & Returns.  This screen only pulls information from Microsoft Dynamics GP Receivables and not from Cinch information.   
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Your Monthly AGRIS E Quick Tip: How To Use Custom Logos in Graphic Reports

There are a variety of options that can be employed to replace the default logo on standard graphic forms and reports or user-defined forms/reports that utilize the <%SYS_Logo_Image%> tag: 

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